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SIMBI Water Dispenser FW-S1 by IonCare


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Product Code FW-S1
Product Origin Korea
Dimension W180 x H410 x D520mm
Micron Rating 0.3 micron 
Water Pressure 0.1 - 0.5mpa
Power Supply AC 240V, 50Hz
Power Consumption
  • Cold water (80W)
  • Hot Water (2400W)
  • Product Warranty 1 year
    Replacement Cartridge
  • Compound Filter M1
  • Post Carbon Filter C2
  • UF Membrane Filter U2

  • Cartridges:

    1. Compound Filter (6 months)

    Compound Filter is a filter combining the sediment filter and carbon filter together, which is used in the Pretreatment Water Purification Process removing the suspended solids over 0.3 microns and contaminated substances as well as absorbing and removing the chlorine contents and foul odor with outstanding effect.

    2. Post Carbon Filter (12 months)

    Post Carbon Filter is a high-quality filter made with coconut shell as the raw material, removes the residual chlorine, chloroform, and other harmful substances.

    3. UF Membrane Filter (18 months)

    UF Membrane Filter is a remarkable filtering system removing the particular solids contained in water, and 99.9% of microorganism, bacteria, total coliforms, and norovirus. 


    1. Non-stop Heating System

    The users of this direct water purification system product requiring no water storage tank needed to enjoy drinking clean and fresh water. The instantaneous 3 seconds heating system are employed for hot water excellently saving lots of electricity allowing drinking of hot water continuously. 

    2. The Dial Control System

    The dial control system offers the convenience of free selection of desired functions. The lukewarm water supply function adopted default is convenient in mixing powder milk for infants and babies, and taking medicine pills for aged and weak persons. The touch control buttons allow users easily to control the desired amount of water. The built-in LED lighting system function indicates the temperate level of selected water in different colors.

    3. Automatic Economic Function

    It operates automatically under energy saving sleep mode in the night or when the surrounding gets dark. It will be working automatically when the sensor detects light during the daytime. 



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