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BACFREE BS3A + Multi Tech Filter Element Counter Top Portable Drinking Water Filter System

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Product Code BS3A + Multi Tech Filter Element 
Type Counter Top Portable Drinking Water Filter
Dimension D60 x H350mm
Overall Servicing Clearance  615m
Max Flow rate 300L/hr
Recommended Change  6-12 months
Capacity 5000 litres
Housing Warranty Year on the casing and workmanship

Water As Freash As A Mountain Spring.

BS8 Under-Sink Mounting Design
Designed for under-sink installation with easy access to filter element.

    There are two layers of filtration on BS-series tap water filter elements.

    The first layer of filtration is a cleanable ceramic filter which removes particles as small as 0.2 micron and harmful organisms. It also has germicidal silver ion which acts as a disinfectant that inhibits the growth of bacteria within the filter matrix.

    The second layer of filtration is the inner activated carbon filter which removes foul taste and odour, chlorine, harmful organism, heavy metals, and chloramine (multi-tech and pH-tech).

    pH-tech filter elements have additional mineral stones to increase water alkalinity and enhance water with beneficial minerals (Calcium and Magnesium).

    With the thorough filtration through the filter elements, boiling of water is no longer required before consumption. Hence it is safe to consume filtered water directly from the tap connected to BS-series water filters.

    Take a look at this video to see how the filters work!

    Water filter maintenance: How to clean and change my water filter

    Cleaning and maintaining a BS-series water filter is easy and straightforward.

    To keep the filtered water clean and healthy, clean the filter element once a week. How to clean it? It’s a pretty simple process:

    Step 1
    Simply unscrew/turn the cap of the filter (doesn’t require any tools). This will allow you to remove the filter by simply unscrewing/turning it.

    This is how your filter element will look after one week of usage.

    Step 2

    When you receive your new BS-series water filter, you will also get a special sponge provided for washing the surface of the filter element. Use the sponge to clean the filter element with water.

    Step 3

    After the element is clean, replace it into the water filter by screwing/turning it back into the water filter cap and housing. Your filter element is now clean and ready to be used.

    After every 1 year, or 5,000 litres of usage, the filter element needs to be replaced. Simply buy a new filter element from Bacfree and replace the old filter and you’re good to go!

    We have also prepared a video below to help guide you better in your filter cleaning and maintenance process!

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