AQUA SOLAR Solar Water Heater TR80 (Including Installation), Solar Water Heater, AQUA SOLAR - Topware Solutions
AQUA SOLAR Solar Water Heater TR80 (Including Installation), Solar Water Heater, AQUA SOLAR - Topware Solutions

AQUA SOLAR Solar Water Heater TR80 (Including Installation)

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Product Code TR80 (Titanium Rigid Series)
Capacity 363 Litres / 80 Gallons
Dimension L2584mm x W2140mm x H584mm
Overall Weight (Empty) 120kg
Overall Weight (Full) 489kg
Installation Free

Storage Tank

Cylinder Material Polyurethane Foam (CFC Free)
Marine Grade Stainless Steel
Outlet Cylinder Case Material Aluminium Stucco
Insulation Material 50mm High Density Polyurethane Foam (CFC Free)
End Cap Material Aluminium Stucco
Nominal Working Pressure 750 kPa
Laminar Flow Stratifier Available
Cylinder Test Pressure 1500 kpa 
Relief Valve Setting 850 kpa
Electric Booster Element 3.0kw With Safety Thermostat

Collector Panel

Design Plate and Tubes
Plate Material Aluminium
Surface Coating Matt Black Aluminium / Alloy
No. of Riser Tube 9 Tubes Per Panel
Panel 2
Glass Thickness / Material 3.2mm Tempered Glass

AquaSolar™ solar water heating systems uses the latest developments in solar technology to produce high quality, efficient water heaters for residential and commercial use. Thorough the years of experience, we understanding more of home owners’ needs and that result in the product’s functionality and efficiency. The products are designed and engineered to fully optimize the sun’s power in warming up water without shooting up the costs – it’s the perfect balance of technology and nature!

Titanium Rigid Solar Panel (ASTR series) heating systems are designed for any condition the Malaysia nature.

ASTR series are made from Titanium which has great thermal properties which allow it to heat your water very quickly and it also can handle higher water temperatures.


  1. The heater collector and the water tank can be assembled together according to the different type of house to meet the needs of various people.
  2. The anti-freezer used in the collector cycle not only can prevent frostbite, but also can expand the using time. It has the most effective anti-freezing measure among the same products in domestic and abroad.
  3. The whole plate is made by imported blue titanium, which is better for collecting heaters, can be used even in cloudy day.
  4. There is an electric heating device in the water tank, the power of which can be made by the user’s requirement.
  5. The frame of collecting board is made by aluminium alloy, and in the outside we use the Tempered glass to strengthen it, making it more durable.

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